Internet Links


Rose Point Navigation Systems - Rose Point Navigation Systems is our sponsor for the North American Championship award, designated the Coastal Explorer Trophy. Rose Point Navigation Systems produces COASTAL EXPLORER, a very popular vessel navigation program that includes many features specific to our sport of Cruiser Navigation.

Royal Greenwich Observatory - This is the Royal Greenwich Observatory which claims to be the "Home of world time since 1884." This site provides many time related activities and will tell you how far off your computer's clock is. Be sure to remember the time difference or you'll probably think your computer is broken.

United States Coast Guard - As the name implies, this is the U.S. Coast Guard. To get the Local Notice to Mariners use the link

NOAA Chart Update Page - This site will tell you the date of the latest revision of all NOAA charts. All you need to know is the chart number.

Up to the minute On-Line Tide information - This is your link for current tide information from all over the United States. Check it out.


Shallow Water Effect on Speed Data - This is a small PDF file that provides data on how shallow water affects the speed of a vessel.

Mid Leg Speed Calculator - The Southern California Cruiser Association sometimes has contests where all the times are given to the Skipper immediately following the call of the marks. These are called Open Log Contests. If there are waypoints between the checkpoints, this affords the Skipper the ability to correct errors within the legs. This is Craig Ryan's Excel spreadsheet used to calculate speed when given a mid leg time on an Open Log Contest.

Speed from Measured Mile seconds - This is a small PDF file that gives the speed by looking up the number of seconds elapsed on the measured mile.