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             Welcome to Cruiser Navigation Rallies            


What fosters friendships and camaraderie ?

What builds confidence in every boater ?

What sharpens navigation skills ?

What is an on-the-water competition ?

A Cruiser Navigation Rally

It's the sport where virtually every boat owner can compete and have a great time while

learning more about boating and navigation !

What is a Cruiser Navigation Rally ?

It's a fun way to practice navigation and satisfy your competitive nature in a friendly environment while enjoying time on the water in your boat. This is not a test of speed - it's a test of navigational accuracy. It doesn't take a special boat or high priced electronics, although the use of them is being phased in.  All it takes is:      A Boat.----- A Compass.----- A Tachometer.----- A Chart.
Cruiser Navigation Rallies are similar to road rallies on the water. All you have to do is predict the time your boat will take to get from point to point on a designated course. You do the predictions in advance then run the course in your boat on the day of the rally without a clock.  An observer aboard, perhaps your spouse, records the time at each point, then afterward the actual times are compared with the predictions to determine the error. Trophies are awarded to the winners with the lowest errors at a fun social gathering following the regatta.

The Result ?

A better understanding of your boat's performance

Increased confidence in your own boating skills

Expanded knowledge of the local cruising waters

Lots of new friends

And, a trophy or two to remind you what a great sport this is !

All too often we hear :

It sounds too complicated

I don't know how it works

I don't want to embarrass myself with all those "experts" out there

My boat is too small, too big, too fast, too slow, too old, etc. etc.

What if the weather is bad?

We are here to help

Local organizations across the country not only hold rallies on a regular basis, they also hold classes to help you sharpen your skills. Seasoned competitors share their knowledge of the sport and work with you until you know the ropes. Many act as mentors working one-on-one to help you develop your confidence. It won't be long before you are ready - and don't be surprised at how well you do!

Boaters of every skill level participate regularly

Cruiser Navigation Rally skippers participate using every type of boat - from outboards to cruising yachts, and sailboats too. Rallies are scheduled well in advance, but they are postponed when adverse weather conditions arise.

Learn more about cruising

You'll find that local rallies teach you more about the waters near your home port. Longer regattas give you the confidence to cruise on your own and visit new ports.

Enjoy new friends

No matter what kind of rally you enter, rest assured that each offers camaraderie and fellowship. The "stories" you'll share while you wait for the scoring results will rival any fish tale you've heard. The folks you'll meet will share your love of the water and boats. And you'll have a chance to visit various yacht clubs in your area. This isn't just for skippers, bring your spouse and children so they can join in on the fun too!

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Watch a short Cruiser Navigation Rally video

Watch this short You-Tube video by the Boat Guy-Chip Hanauer on Cruiser Navigation Rallies.


The North American Cruiser Association is the coordinating authority for Cruiser Navigation Rally groups throughout North America. With roots going back over sixty years, NACA sets the standards for Cruiser Navigation Rallies (formerly predicted log contests). It also provides the coordination and support needed not only to maintain high quality competition, but also to encourage camaraderie and emphasize the fun and social aspects of the sport.

NACA actively solicits new participants to the sport from throughout North America. Other groups from around the world are encouraged to link with the NACA in order to further promote the sport. We endeavor to create an international forum where we can share the techniques and various forms of the sport both with respect to the rallies, and the fun of social activities associated with the rallies.

If you presently participate in Cruiser Navifgation Rallies  (also known as predicted log contests) or would like to find out more about them, we encourage you to navigate your way through our website.

 Have a question or comment, E-mail us at   NACAPLR@gmail.com