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You are visiting our website because:

  • You are wondering how people race logs
  • You want to make new friends interested in boating
  • You want to enjoy boating with old friends
  • You want to use your boat for something besides a place to sit and watch the world go by
  • You want to learn more about your boat
  • You want to learn more about navigation
  • You want to compete with your boat

Other than a), all good reasons to visit. You know that we don't really race logs, right?

We "log racers" are a pretty social bunch. I have heard that many of our members participate in predicted log regattas just for the social gatherings that inevitably follow a race. I think they secretly enjoy using their boats and competing, though.

My personal experience? Since I started log racing about twelve years ago, I have honed my navigation skills, used my boat ten to twelve times more each season than I otherwise would have, met new people locally, and made friends around the United States and Canada as a result of participating in the annual competition between local winners and the social events that go with it.

Our members range in age from 20 something to almost 90 something, and all share a love of the water, and enjoy meeting new people with similar interests.


Watch a short Predicted log video

Watch this short You-Tube video by the Boat Guy-Chip Hanauer on predicted logging.


The North American Cruiser Association is the coordinating authority for predicted log groups throughout North America. With roots going back over sixty years, NACA sets the standards for predicted log regattas (contests). It also provides the coordination and support needed not only to maintain high quality competition, but also to encourage camaraderie and emphasize the fun and social aspects of the sport.

NACA actively solicits new participants to the sport from throughout North America. Other groups from around the world are encouraged to link with the NACA in order to further promote the sport. We endeavor to create an international forum where we can share the techniques and various forms of the sport both with respect to the regattas, and the fun of social activities associated with the regattas.

If you presently participate in predicted log regattas/contests (also known as cruiser navigation contests) or would like to find out more about them, we encourage you to navigate your way through our website.

 Have a question or comment, E-mail us at   NACAPLR@gmail.com