North American Invitational Trophy News

The NAI is an annual international event where Cruiser Navigation Rally champions from 13 regional associations throughout North America plus the prior years National Champion and prior year’s NAI winner gather to determine the "Best of the Best" in Cruiser Navigation Rallies. The NAI venue changes yearly.

North American Invitational Schedule




San Diego, CA 

Sept 26



Puget Sound WA

Sept 25



Santa Barbara Channel

Sept 24 

2023 SCCA
Long Beach CA
Sept 23
ST. Petersburg FL
Oct  26

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North American Invitational Trophy

Presented by Yachting Publications to the North American Cruiser Association in 1973, this sundial with a magnifying glass set to trigger the mounted cannon exactly at noon is the prestigious award given to the top skipper in the North American Invitational.

NAI Keeper Trophies

The four trophies pictured have traditionally been given to the winners of the North American Invitational.  The replica of the North American Invitational perpetual trophy was presented to the winner.  Second and third places received the noon cannons.  The owner of the winning vessel also received a cannon.  These trophies were hand crafted by the late S/C Dave Shreve of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club from brass salvaged from beached boats and sunken ships.