Awarded to a member who has made a significant contribution to the sport of Cruiser Navigation Contests.

History of the Gandelman Trophy - as recalled by Tom Collins

In late 70's Walter Del Mar, then a vice-president of American Power Boat Association and chair of the Cruiser Division, led a move to spin off the North American Cruiser Association.  In Detroit at the NAI in 1979 a vote was taken and the spin off was affirmed (I was there and had worked with Walter on the split).  We brought all the trophies over from APBA including the Hall of Champions Trophy which was, as I recall, a less-than-impressive plaque. 

Lou Gandelman had been very involved in logging and had been instrumental in creating the NAI and was a moving force behind Walter seeking and attaining his position in charge of the Cruiser Division of APBA.  Lou was Commodore of the Del Rey Yacht Club in 1980 and, as I recall, he passed away during that year.  In honor of his years of service to our sport, he was posthumously appointed to the Hall of Fame for 1980. 

Lou's widow, Marge, who was a friend of Walter, asked Walter if NACA would accept a more fitting trophy to recognize those appointed to the Hall of Champions.  On Walter's confirmation, Marge purchased the figure in sterling silver armor from Tiffany's (I was told she paid $10,000) and had it mounted as a trophy.  She had the names of all previous recipients of the Hall of Fame, which dated back to 1974, inscribed on the Trophy.  It was then deeded to the NACA as the Lou Gandelman Hall of Champions Perpetual Trophy.  She also provided ten very nice plaques to be given the recipients and a fund to provide for the purchase of future plaques.

The trophy is very prestigious in its appearance and, being made entirely of sterling silver, is likely now very valuable in just its intrinsic value, and priceless with all of its history.

I'm not aware of where the deed may presently reside, nor do I have a copy of the wording.  The inscription on the Trophy states: "Awarded in recognition of outstanding contribution to the sport of predicted log racing".  It has always been awarded to an individual who has, over a period of time, has made a significant contribution to the promotion and support of the sport of predicted logging.  Performance in logging competition is not a consideration in the awarding of the Trophy. 

It is awarded by the consideration of a committee of the previous Trophy recipients then in attendance at the annual North American Invitational.  The NACA website states: "This award may be made at the discretion of the NACA Executive Committee upon recommendation of the prior recipients of the award."  In reality, the decision is made solely by a committee of the previous recipients and does not involve the Executive Committee.  I believe this change was made because at times the designee is a member of the Executive Committee.

The Gandelman Trophy is perhaps, one of the most significant trophies in the NACA collection.  It is certainly of a quality commensurate with that of its recipients.

Tom Collins, Sept. 2016



This award may be made at the discretion of the NACA Executive Committee upon recommendation of the prior recipients of the award.

Jim Anderson
John Burwell
Ed Denaci
San Diego Cruiser Association
Ed Kutchma
Santa Barbara Channe Cruising Assoc.
2017 Ken Griffing S. Calif. Cruising Assoc.  
2016 Jerry Downer IPBA-South  
2015 John Vignocci   Chicago Yacht Club  
2014 Jeff Calabrese San  Diego Cruiser Assoication  
Dick Timmerman

William Stewart Western Lake Erie Cruiser Assoc.
2011 Robert VanLandingham Jr. Saint Petersburg Yacht Club
2010 William Findley Southern California Cruiser Assoc.
2009 Bob Lindal IPBA-N
2008 Bob Ehlers San Diego Cruiser Association
2007 Craig Ryan Southern California Cruiser Assoc.
2006 Mike Henry I.P.B.A. - North
2005 Duke Rohrbaugh Saint Petersburg Yacht Club
2004 Joe Le Blanc New England Cruiser Association
2003 Herbert Dover Santa Monica Bay Power Fleet
2002 Clem Hartley Predicted Log Racing Assoc. of No. Calif
2001 Valeria Scott Predicted Log Racing Assoc. of No. Calif
2000 Tracy Wichmann Southern California Cruiser Assoc.
1999 Bill Templeman Chicago Yacht Club
1998 Paul Petit San Diego Cruiser Assoc.
1997 Joe Castagna Santa Monica Bay Power Fleet
1996 Bob Johnson I.P.B.A. - North
1995 Martha Miller Predicted Log Racing Assoc. of No. Calif
1994 Norman Meyer Narragansett Cruiser Association
1993 Larry Price I.P.B.A. - South
1992 A. Gilman Middleton I.P.B.A. - North
1991 Dave Shreve St. Petersburg Yacht Club
1990 Paul Leland Santa Monica Bay Power Fleet
1989 Haluk Akol Predicted Log Racing Assoc. of No. Calif.
1988 Ben Shaw Narragansett Cruiser Association
1987 Bob Buckland Western Lake Erie Cruiser Assoc.
1986 Tom Trap I.P.B.A. - Gulf of Georgia
1985 Al Smith I.P.B.A. - North
1984 Tom Collins Southern California Cruiser Assoc.
1983 Edward Jepsen Predicted Log Racing Assoc. of No. Calif.
1982 Kell Hennessy St. Petersburg Yacht Club
1981 Walter Del Mar Southern California Cruiser Assoc.
1980 Lou Gandelman Southern California Cruiser Assoc.
1979 Jack Gray New England Cruiser Assoc.
1978 Mel Lurie Southern California Cruiser Assoc.
1977 Gene Grant Southern California Cruiser Assoc.
1976 Al Fleischman St. Petersburg Yacht Club
1975 Bill Henefelt St. Petersburg Yacht Club
1974 Ken Cowan New England Cruiser Assoc.

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