NAI 2004 Article by John Willister

2004 NAI Results





Vessel and Owner

Pete Healy  SCCA 0.72%  Top Hatt owned by Robert Hough
Tom Collins  SCCA and NAI champion 0.78%  RipRap owned by John and Peg Vignocchi
R. VanLandingham Jr.  SPYC 0.80%  Rhonda C owned by Rhonda and Regan Thomas
Larry Marks  NECA 0.83%  Piere's owned by Lloyd and Buff Sergent
Bill Stewart  WLCA 1.29%  Sybarite owned by Tom Tyrcha
A. Ben Shaw  NCA 1.47%  Cape Cod owned by Dan McCarthy
Dave Lewis  SMBPF 1.51%  Patti Jo owned by David and Patti Daul
Bob Lindal  IPBA-N 1.69%  Mr. Magoo owned by Ted Mau
John and Peg Vignocchi  CYC 1.71%  Bonita owned by Richard Landis
Bob Good  IPBA-GG 1.76%  Empty Pockets owned by Bill Templeman
Paul D. Pettit  SDCA 3.69%  Tim's Too owned by Lisa Curcio Gaston
Haluk Akol  PLRA 14.56%  Mirage owned by Walter "Sonny" Lisowski